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Kona Makes Its Way to Brazil

We interviewed local photographer Virginia Guimaraes to grasp her unique experience in Brazil this fall.
5 Reasons Why “Summer Love” in Your 20s is Overrated

Ladies (and gentlemen), your 20s are some of the most exciting times in life. You’re growing up, finding your path, and getting to know the real you. Here’s a few reasons why being completely single this summer is far better than any summer fling.
5 Cheap Ways to Travel Abroad This Summer

Cheap and easy ways to travel abroad on a budget.
4 Tips For A Successful Healthy Holiday Travel Season

Keep your healthy lifestyle on track with exercise this holiday season. Set a goal before you leave for your trip: Decide how many times you would like to exercise, and what would be practical with your holiday plans.
10 Tips To Keep You Healthy Every Time You Travel

These tools will help you not only survive this holiday season but actually enjoy yourself.