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What Coffee Can Do For Your Skin

Coffee-- we use it to give ourselves that morning energy boost, but have you tried it on your skin?
Benefits of the Ingredients in Kona Body Energy Scrub

Why Kona Body Energy Scrub is the best way to start your day
How Your Skin Changes Like The Seasons

There are lots of great things that come with the colder weather, like leggings and pumpkin spice lattes, but it also means the dreaded “winter rash” is back.
5 Ways Aromatherapy Can Improve Your Daily Wellness Routine

How the simple addition of aromatherapy oils to your daily wellness routine can benefit your mind and body.
How Rosemary Helps You AND Your Skin

Kona Body uses Rosemary as one of their main ingredients in almost ever scrub they have. Check out why it is one of the most skin-beneficial herbs out there!
Tips on getting the perfect tan

Learn how you can get a better tan by just exfoliating with Kona Body scrubs.
Say No to Microbeads

Here are some reasons why we're saying no to microbeads for good, and why you should too.
8 Skincare Commandments That Guarantee Flawless Results

Resolutions, as honest as our intentions may be, often prove pretty tough to keep. Take trying to leave behind a lost love, for instance, or perhaps waking up at the crack of dawn to work out — ambitious, yes, but both are easier said than done, no? As much as we wax poetic about the positive effects of goal setting, it’s important to remember not to be so hard on ourselves. Instead, start with something simple, like taking better care of your complexion.
A few tips to help you keep your skin glowing this winter!

As temperature drops down, heaters switch on, and the wind blows up, the battle for healthy skin begins.
How Pollution Really Affects Your Skin—And What to Do About It

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the sun every day, but now that we’ve gotten a handle on UV defense there’s a new environmental danger to worry about: pollution. A fresh slew of serums, masks and creams all promise to counter environmental damage. If you’re wondering “Wait, we need special products to fight pollution?” you’re not alone. So, we consulted the pros.