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6 Reasons Why This Is The Fitness App of Your Dreams

We all need some guidance and motivation from time to time on our workout routine. With the help of this fitness app, you will shave off time and pounds!
5 Things You Should Know About Your Sunscreen

Your need-to-knows about your sunscreen!
5 Foods for Healthy Skin

These 5 foods are perfect to snack on while relaxing in your Kona Body Scrub!
5 Easy Recipes to Upgrade Your Breakfast

Healthy breakfast recipes to make mornings more fun!
Why You Shouldn’t be a Loner at the Gym

Stop being a couch potato this summer and get active with your friends at the gym! Here's proof that having a work out partner seriously helps you achieve your dream summer body.
Easter “Active”-ities That Will Keep You Looking Fabulous

So you've had a few pieces of Easter candy this year. Don't worry! We have a few fun fitness ideas that can make sure you're on your way to being "summer body" ready. All you have to do is have fun with it!
Finding Harmony Instead of Work-Life Balance

You can achieve work-life balance (shudder!). Balance—the very word teeters on the heavy side of the guilt seesaw. So much is being said about work-life balance these days that we feel compelled to justify that we’re “in balance” lest we admit our lives are out of control or that we’re unhappy with the choices we’ve made. Let’s just ditch the word altogether. What’s important is that your life is in harmony.
What To Eat In A Typical Day To Keep Your Skin Clear & Glowing

I’m an acne sufferer, aesthetician, skin care company owner, and amateur home cook who's always looking for great recipes that I can make for my family and share with my acne clients. I began tweaking my favorite recipes by identifying simple ingredient substitutions that make them acne-safe and good for the body without noticeable changes in flavor, texture, or color (because we eat with our eyes, too).
10 Tips To Keep You Healthy Every Time You Travel

These tools will help you not only survive this holiday season but actually enjoy yourself.
Zero Motivation to Go to Work? 10 Tips

We all need the occasional "mental health day" off from work to reboot our minds and bodies, but what if you have already called in sick one too many times? Assuming you're experiencing a normal ebb in the energy you have for work and not a more serious issue (like depression, addiction or abhorring your job, in which case you should consult a therapist immediately), here are some things you can do: