See why Kona Body has Lavender in almost every one of their scrubs! The benefits are undeniable!


Calm the Heck Down

Lavender often helps people relax. Ever wonder why? It is proven that Lavender can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, therefore sending your body into a state of relaxation. It as also beneficial in reducing anxiety, restlessness, and acting as a stress relief.


Beat the Bloat

The antioxidants in Lavender (a.k.a polyphenols) can help reduce the bacteria in your body that causes bloating and skin inflammation. Using Lavender infused coffee scrubs can help diminish that grotesque, puffy feeling one can get after a long night or just flat out bad day.


Ease the Healing Process

Lavender has the ability to heal the skin. It has been proven to help heal burns, cuts, scrapes, and wounds when distributed on the skin. Exfoliate with Lavender instilled products to help soothe even those pesky acne scabs (gross, but applicable).