Kona Body uses Rosemary as one of their main ingredients in almost ever scrub they have. Check out why it is one of the most skin-beneficial herbs out there!

The Organics of It All:


Sweet Relief

Rosemary oil has assets that kills bacteria and viruses on the skin. It has the properties to relive acne break outs, irritation, rashes, and even scalp dandruff. Using products containing Rosemary oils is a simple and organic way to soothe even your most mundane skin frustrations.


Look Younger Than Ever

Rosemary can help mend the aging process. It contains antioxidants that help reduce skin damage by neutralizing free-radicals. In sum, free-radicals are healthy cells “gone bad” due to damage caused by stress, a busy lifestyle, poor diet and alcohol, etc. On top of neutralizing these bad boys, Rosemary is a rich source of manganese – a mineral that helps minimize wrinkles and protect your skin from aging damages.


Pit Stains, Be Gone!

Rubbing products containing Rosemary under those arms this summer is an effective way to keep them smelling extra fresh. Take it one step further and make your own at home remedy. Mix your own rosemary oil with apple cider vinegar, apply, and then give as many smelly-free hugs as you can.