Learn how you can get a better tan by just exfoliating with Kona Body scrubs.

Kona Body can help you get that sun kissed look that you always wanted when you use it as a pre-treatment before you go to the tanning salon or out in the sun. Here are some reasons why exfoliating will really help your tan:

1. Spray tan will go on more evenly: When you exfoliate you’ll be getting those dead, flaky skin cells off and achieve smoother looking and feeling skin. Your tan can then develop on new skin and give you the glow you love.

2. Spray tan will last longer: The antioxidants nourish the skin allowing for a tan that will last for as long as you want it to. Tip: If you happen to get tired of your glow you can always use a Kona Body scrub to exfoliate it away.

3. Get a deeper and richer tan:
Exfoliating can get the dead skin off to uncover fresh new skin that will soak up the sun’s rays easier and better. In the end you end up getting a darker and richer tan that you’ll love.

You can achieve all these benefits when you use Kona Body scrubs. They are filled with exfoliants and oils that take the dead skin away and nourish the skin with each use. The exfoliants that give you your best Kona body are coffee, and coconut shell powder. They are both gentle enough for you delicate skin, but are also effective in removing the impurities from your skin. The Best Body is a Kona Body.