It's easy to jump into a relationship when you're super into a certain someone and ready to take the next step. But consider these points before completely committing to him. Do you know him as well as you think?!


1. Their current relationship with an ex

You obviously don’t want them to still be hung up on their last relationship. If he’s constantly talking about how she’s “phsyco” and talks down about her 24/7 then he may not be completely over it. Once he starts talking about his past relationships maturely that’s when you know he’s ready to take the right step with you.


2. Their Plans for the future

You don’t need to start planning out your first baby’s name but obviously you need to know if he is moving within the next couple months before getting emotionally involved. Make sure your future and his future are going to be aligned long enough to get committed.


3. Their Relationship with their family

This isn’t a deal breaker but if you are family oriented and he’s not, this might be a problem. It’s important to know what he thinks about his family because the way a person interacts with their family is a solid representation on how they’ll interact with YOUR family and with you.


4. Their outlook on things that matter to you

It’s almost impossible to find someone that agrees with you on everything, but finding someone that values what you believe in and your opinions is very important.


5. How they treat others

This may be a obvious one but you’d be surprised how many people commit to a guy too soon and realize he’s a total JERK! For instance, pay attention to how he treats the waiters whenever you both go out to eat.  You can tell a lot about someone based on how they treat people with jobs that are centered around making customers happy.