Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, but you and your boyfriend have nothing planned. Don’t wait for him to plan something. Take the lead! Plan a day out together that’s unforgettable. Here is a couple of last minute date ideas you both will love:

1.Take a Painting Class together.

2.Go to a local bar where they have Karaoke.

3.Find a local Comedy Show to go to.

4. Cook a meal together with a fancy candle light dinner.shutterstock_359837495

5.Book a Massage appointment, a spa day together is a great bonding experience.

6.Recreate your first date. It maybe a little corny but it’s a great way to remember where it all began.

7.Go to the Arcade. It’s okay to be a little competitive, maybe you can let him win one round.shutterstock_140088328

8.Walmart or Target Bingo, find a Bingo sheet on the internet and have a fun night at your local store.

9.Take him for a joy ride in a nice rental car or maybe even a convertible. Spend the day cruising in style. Go to dinner in it or maybe a park.

10.Go to a drive in movie theater.

So have another memorable night together. And don’t forget to shave those legs.