Coffee-- we use it to give ourselves that morning energy boost, but have you tried it on your skin?

    Most people drink coffee in the mornings to get their day started, but many are unaware of the benefits it can have when used on your skin. We’re not saying to grab your morning coffee grounds and rub them all over. For these benefits to really work for you, try a coffee scrub mixed with essential oils like our all-natural coffee-based scrubs at Kona Body.

    Here’s how coffee helps your skin:


    Coffee contains an extremely high antioxidant content, higher than most fruits and vegetables. It is considered a stronger antioxidant than the polyphenols in green tea. When applied to your skin, these properties can treat sun-damaged skin and protect your skin from radiation throughout the day.


    You can calm your inflamed or red skin by applying coffee topically, because it constricts blood vessels in your skin.  This can be used to combat the effects of rosacea, acne or eczema.


    Coffee is a natural diuretic, which allows your body to pass water weight. In this way, coffee used topically can minimize the visibility of cellulite by drawing fluid away from the fat cells. When the cells inside shrink, the outside of your skin appears tighter, reducing the appearance of unevenly distributed cells.


    There are many different exfoliating products you can use, including salt and sugar. These two can be harsh and rough on your skin, but coffee is a gentle, natural exfoliant. It allows you to shed dead skin without irritation and leaves your skin smooth.


    Coffee has been shown to improve blood flow, which can make your skin appear more radiant. When your skin’s blood flow is increased, your skin glows with your natural coloring. Your morning coffee gives you that much-needed boost, and used on your skin, it can give you an all-day glow.