You and your new love interest have plans to FINALLY hang out but have nothing to do. Here's some reasons why a baseball game is the PERFECT first date and you'll have him drooling over you by the end of the night.

    shutterstock_1054687671. The ballpark is open enough so you don’t feel uncomfortable, but quiet enough to have conversation

    The environment of a baseball game has the ability to make the first couple conversations slightly less awkward. Where as a date at a restaurant or bar is loud and a tight space.

    2. If you both are up for going to a baseball game, you already have something in common!

    A regular date at any old restaurant doesn’t leave you much to talk about, but if you both agreed to go to a baseball game together there’s a conversation starter already!

    3. Most Ballparks have areas you can walk around and still watch the field

    Four hours is a long time to be sitting in a chair, there are ways to still watch the game but change up the date’s scenery.

    4. You don’t have to overly dress up

    Sometimes for regular dates, if you’re like me, you completely over think your outfit and have this idea of looking perfect. You don’t have to do this with baseball, it even looks better if you’re not trying too hard! Make it really simple with jeans/shorts and a t-shirt.

    5. You can eat a good amount and not feel guilty

    Neither of you have to order a healthy meal and pretend like you’re actually enjoying it. One of the best parts of baseball is eating a hot dog or hamburger and not feeling bad about it after!