Here are some reasons why we're saying no to microbeads for good, and why you should too.

Congress recently approved President Obama’s Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015 on December 28, 2015. This act will prohibit manufacturers from including the toxic plastic into your favorite rinse-off cosmetics. The law is set to go into effect on July 1, 2017. Kona Body agrees with the White House’s decision and promises to continue producing microbead free scrubs for your enjoyment. We care about our customers and the environment and feel that neithers health should be sacrificed for the other. In the meantime here are the top five reasons microbeads are harmful to not only you, but the environment.

1. They absorb toxins: Microbeads are known for absorbing the dirt and dead skin out of your pores, but when they are released into our water systems they absorb much more then that. These tiny plastic beads easily absorb the toxins being filtered out.

2. To small to catch in filtration systems: Once the microbeads go down the drain they enter our filtration system that is supposed to filter out any impurities in our water. However, microbeads are so small that they pass right through the system, and after having absorbed other impurities enter our ocean to later cause more damage to our environment.

3. Aquatic life consumes them: When microbeads enter the ocean they can confuse fish into thinking they are plankton or fish eggs so they then consume them. Now every fish who eats the other then consumes the toxic microbeads that then end up on our plates to be consumed on a lunch date with friends or spending time with family.

4. Contain harmful chemicals: Many microbeads contain harmful chemicals such as PCBs (Learn more here) and other fat soluble compounds that can affect your health in a negative way.

5. Estrogen: Not only are microbeads made up of toxic chemicals they carry estrogen that if built up in excess can be harmful to fish bodies. There can be behavioral changes in males and damage to fish eggs that cause impairments and nonviability.
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Kona Body takes the environment and your health seriously which is why Kona Body produces its scrub with natural ingredients without microbeads to ensure it is safe to use while still being effective. We believe that you shouldn’t have to risk your health to become a more beautiful you. Our scrub is completely vegan, and infused with ingredients that come naturally from Earth. The best body is a Kona Body.