New York Fashion Week may be over, but it didn’t leave without telling us what’s going to be the next big thing in our closets for 2016. These are some of the fashion trends you need to know about.

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    Throwback to the 70’s and Victorian style”: This is the year where we’ll be paying homage to the elegant styles of the Victorian era and the groovy trends of the 70’s. That means will be seeing a lot of earthy tones, plaid and floral patterns from the 70’s and genteel A-line outfits lined with lace that will make you feel lovely.

    Feelin’ the Suede and Denim”: Suede and denim fabric is making a smooth comeback on the clothing racks this year. They’re being used more and more for shoes, jackets, dresses and all other clothing items. Can you say 90’s flashback!

    Flaunt your shoulders”: Embrace your shoulders with an “X” neckline or shoulder-less top or accentuate them with puffy or wigged sleeves. You may be thinking, “Wait, puffy sleeves? That sounds like something my mother wore in the 80’s”. Well, it looks like she was right, they are coming back into fashion. /

    All about the Bottoms”: Low-rise bottoms and “paperbag-waist” pants are all the rage this year. If you’re wanting to show off your waistline these are the pants to do it in, and if you’re not don’t let that scare you off! When worn right, paperbag-waist bottoms can give the illusion of a smaller waist.

    Hanging with Pleats and Fringe”: Pleated skirts have never left the fashion world, but they are taking the center stage this year. What can we say, pleats are a classic! Fringe, on the other hand, has been making a comeback for a few years now. It’s so much fun having clothing that moves with you like fringe does. From a chic flapper-like skirt to an earthy suede jacket, fringe is a great way to show your personality.

    Silk, Lace, and Nets, oh my!”: Fashion is getting sexier this year, fashion week brought a lot of lingerie-like clothing on the runway with outfits made from mostly lace or net materials. Is hot in here or is it just the clothes?!