Check out these ways to beat the summer heat!

shutterstock_2896221501. Get lunch with a friend

This may seem really obvious, but try going to a new restaurant you both haven’t ever tried before. Go to a new city, find a random restaurant and be spontaneous. You never know, it may be your new favorite place!

2. Walk through the mall

The best way to entertain yourself is to get exercise AND be able to shop at the same time! Grab a friend, a few bucks, hit up your local mall, and get yourself a new outfit.

3. Dive into a new book

Set aside to have some YOU time and read the book that’s been sitting on your night stand.

4. Go to a museum

Let your artsy side out this summer and check out the city museum.

5. Make a Pinterest Craft

We all know that we say we’re going to make a cute craft we’ve saved on Pinterest and never do. How about actually getting materials together and make a craft, you wont regret it.

6. Get in killer shape

It may be too hot to run outside, but go to your local gym and get your grind on!

7. Binge a new Netflix show

Get your “lazy on” and find a new show to watch over the summer, it’s okay to binge every once in a while (or every day) whatever works.