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Your Perfect Weekend Getaway This Autumn

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Ways to Beat the Summer Heat!

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5 Ways to Make Spending Summer at Home Fun

There's no need to be bummed because you aren't traveling this summer. Here are some ways to enjoy your time at home!
5 Cheap Ways to Travel Abroad This Summer

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What These 5 Powerful People Do First Thing in the Morning

For many of us, mornings are hard. Sometimes, getting out of your oh-so-comfortable bed and starting the coffee is achievement enough. But if you’re the type of person who gets up early, congratulations! You’re probably better off than those who hit the snooze button. Recent studies have shown that early risers are actually more productive than their later-sleeping counterparts.
If You Want to Stick to Your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions, Read This

Coming up with a lofty list of goals for 2016 was the easy part — all you had to do was think optimistically and write things down — but here's where it gets hard. January is in full swing, and you have to hold yourself accountable. Did you promise that you'd lead a healthier lifestyle by eating organic or perhaps by incorporating more cardio into your workouts? Whatever your choice was, it's up to you now to see it through to the end.
Zero Motivation to Go to Work? 10 Tips

We all need the occasional "mental health day" off from work to reboot our minds and bodies, but what if you have already called in sick one too many times? Assuming you're experiencing a normal ebb in the energy you have for work and not a more serious issue (like depression, addiction or abhorring your job, in which case you should consult a therapist immediately), here are some things you can do:
6 Ways To Motivate Yourself At Work

To succeed in the workplace, you need to be at your best, and you can only truly be at your best when you are...
The best way to get motivated, according to science

"Those artists who pursued their painting and sculpture more for the pleasure of the activity itself than for extrinsic rewards have produced art that has been socially recognized as superior," the study said. "It is those who are least motivated to pursue extrinsic rewards who eventually receive them."
Creating a Feel Good Morning Routine

Much like a first impression, what you do in the morning can have a lasting impact on the rest of your day. Establishing a morning routine – or “ritual” – ensures that your most significant tasks get squared away first and can make getting up an event you actually look forward to.