Try these tips to clear your mind and start having positive, happy thoughts.

1. Change the way you talk to yourself.
Changing the way you talk to yourself in your mind can really change your outlook on life. Making your mind a more positive and comforting place will benefit you in the long run. A healthy mind also affects your body. A way to know if your thoughts need a change is to ask yourself if you would say the same thing to a friend. If your answer is no then you should try and change that.

2. Start keeping a journal.
Writing things down is a great way to release all of the emotions you’re having. Once you jot it down you will feel better and maybe even see the situation in a new light. It’s also a good idea to rewrite those New Year’s resolutions. It can be hard to keep on track and maybe you have some new goals for yourself. Writing it all down will help hold you accountable and make the goals seem more reachable.

3. Let go of grudges.
Grudges cause so much negative energy that can really bring you down and others around you down. It’s time to forgive not because they deserve it but because you do. Letting go of negativity can bring a lot more positivity to your life and help you focus on the things that matter most. If you’re having trouble letting go ask yourself why you’re holding on to it in the first place.

4. Give some time to friends.
A lot of times we can get so wrapped up in our busy lives and forget to give some time to those who are most important to us. Give that friend or even family member a call that you may have been putting off. They’ll be glad to hear from you and you’ll feel better after spending time with those you love.

5. Say what you really feel.
Speak your truth. When you hold back and don’t say what you really feel it can hurt you in the long run. Being honest emotionally can help you connect on a deeper level with those close to you, and in return this can produce encouragement and support from our loved ones. When holding back this can make emotions build up that will eventually have to come out. If you let it come out in an erupt way this can hurt your relationship more than if you just tell the truth all along.