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Important info about mind and body health, including meditation, sex, inspiration, stress and more. Get ready to get happy.
Healthy Mind
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Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for Couples

Looking forward to your spring break trip with your significant other but don’t know where to go? Maybe your friends are going to Cancun or Miami, but your idea of a “romantic getaway” doesn’t involve a bunch of drunk party goers getting in the way. We totally understand, so here’s a list of other spring break options that are equally fun as they are low profile.
How To Rewire Your Brain & Be Better At Life (According To Science)

Mindfulness and meditation have become mainstream buzzwords — appearing on the cover of Time magazine, in Forbes, and even on 60 Minutes. How did these fringe ideas translate into such significant elements of our cultural consciousness?
Finding Harmony Instead of Work-Life Balance

You can achieve work-life balance (shudder!). Balance—the very word teeters on the heavy side of the guilt seesaw. So much is being said about work-life balance these days that we feel compelled to justify that we’re “in balance” lest we admit our lives are out of control or that we’re unhappy with the choices we’ve made. Let’s just ditch the word altogether. What’s important is that your life is in harmony.