So you've had a few pieces of Easter candy this year. Don't worry! We have a few fun fitness ideas that can make sure you're on your way to being "summer body" ready. All you have to do is have fun with it!

Easter Fitness Treasure Hunt

Who says Easter egg hunts are just for kids? This egg hunt will keep you looking fine-as-wine while you’re having fun! All you need is a group of friends, plastic Easter eggs and a list of workout moves. From there, you write each part of the workout on pieces of paper with the next clue for the treasure hunt. For example, someone may find an egg with a piece of paper that says “Do 10 push-ups, Clue:Go to the backyard”. All of these eggs should led up to a grand prize, it could be Easter gift baskets, gift cards, or whatever you choose for your hunt.


Do an Easter-Themed Workout

Want to get festive with your next work out? This video has an Easter-themed work out you will love. All you need is some hard boiled or plastic eggs and you’re ready for this 5-minute “Eastertasic” workout.

(Courtesy of Runtastic Fitness)


Easter Obstacle Course

The goal of the game is to make sure the egg on your spoon stays intact while you navigate through an obstacle course. What can you use for an obstacle course? The sky is the limit, really. You can use anything from cones to pillows and blankets to scattered water balloons or eggs that the players have to avoid breaking. Just have fun with it and we can guarantee your friends will have fun too.


Egg Rolling

Each player will need their own hard-boiled egg with a different color. You should have one white hard-boiled egg in the middle that each player has to try to roll their hard-boiled egg to. The object of this game is to get your colored egg to stop as close to the white egg as possible. The colored egg that makes it the closest wins the game.