We all need some guidance and motivation from time to time on our workout routine. With the help of this fitness app, you will shave off time and pounds!

Even if you’re used to a steady workout routine, repeating the same boring exercises can become tedious and hurt your motivation to workout. Pop Sugar Active offers workout routines, tutorial videos, challenges and more to ensure your workout is working out for you. Here’s why this app will work for you:

  1. It’s simple to try

You can’t move forward if you never start. With an app-capable device, search Pop Sugar Active in your app store. Download Pop Sugar Active…It’s free! You are just one click away from attaining your fitness goals while having tons of fun.

man riding bike having fun

2. You can have fun with your workout for once!

The workout videos range anywhere from dance videos to indoor cycling routines to running guides. Whatever your level of fitness or fitness goals are, there’s a workout here for you. Personally, I hate running with a burning passion…and that’s almost as bad as the burn which running actually causes. I utilize the strength training workouts and yoga videos to target certain muscle groups and achieve my personal fitness goals.

3. The possibilities are endless

The reason this app is such a great workout tool is the variation of workouts and activities it offers. Find the tab labeled workouts, and you will see categories of fitness routines, including strength training, running, yoga, and cardio. Each category features over 40 video workout tutorials, which can be added to your personal routine or downloaded to your iPhone.

4. Avoid being that guy/girl at the gym

Nobody wants to be THAT guy or girl at the gym using a piece of equipment wrong. Pop Sugar Fitness provides videos for each workout to insure that you can understand and work the correct muscles. Another feature which helps a ton is the printable guides, which you can take with you to the gym if you’re unsure of how to do an exercise. This also comes in handy if you’re not someone who learns easily from watching a video.

woman working out using equipment correctly

5. Challenge Yourself

The most motivational and exciting function of Pop Sugar Active is the Challenge Mode. If you’re driven by competition, this will really get you moving. Once you open the Challenge tab, you’ll notice a list of challenges already created which you can join. This is the simplest way to start towards reaching your goals. You can also create a custom challenge, including your personal fitness level, what you want to workout, and the duration of your challenge. The workouts incorporate rest days as well, so don’t let the duration intimidate you. Once you’ve entered or created a challenge, the app will give you a daily routine to complete.

30 day challenge workout

6. Daily Workout Reminders

How will you keep yourself accountable? On top of giving you a plethora of workout options and tutorials, Pop Sugar Active will remind you to workout daily! This way, your phone can be a tool for motivation instead of being a distraction. Pop Sugar Active helps you achieve your fitness goals, while helping you stay motivated.

Keep in mind that you are in complete control of your fitness goals, and have the power to achieve them. No goal is too small and no mountain is too tall for you. With the help of Pop Sugar Active, you can start reaching your fitness goals and have the body of your dreams.


Download Pop Sugar Active on iTunes here