Looking for some fresh ideas for a healthy snack? Check out these fun recipes that will give you a new perspective on your diet.

  1. Crispy Apple-wiches

If you need a gluten-free snack look no further than these sandwiches with a twist. Made with peanut butter and granola, you’ll also get a nice helping of protein.


(Courtesy of Red Book Magazine)


  1. Fruit and Yogurt Pops

With the temperatures raising back up, you may want to cool down with a refreshing, frozen treat without all the sugar and syrup. Cue in these delicious desserts. All you need is fresh fruit, yogurt and water and you’re in for a special treat.

4th of July popsicles

(Courtesy of Super Healthy Kids)


  1. Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone

A fresh twist to a healthy favorite. Go to the store and get you favorite fruits, cut them up and put them in a cone. (Maybe even put a little frozen yogurt in the bottom of the cone for maximum enjoyment.)


(Courtesy of mysimplemindedlife.com)


  1. Egg in a Red Bell Pepper

Take your fried eggs to the next level by putting a bell pepper ring on it! They’re really that simple, put a ring of bell pepper in the skillet, put and egg inside the ring and let it cook. Fin!


(Courtesy of Super Healthy Kids)